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Certified Growth Coach Certification

Certified Growth Coach Certification

  • 12-Week Coach Certification Course

Over the next 12-weeks, you will receive immersion in personal growth through being coached, putting the principles you learned to work in your life, and then using what you’ve learned to help your own clients confront new frontiers of purpose and destiny. You will establish authentic peer relationships; nurture your own heart with skills and personal disciplines to accelerate your movement toward empowering others to accomplish their own personal goals.

This process is about helping both you and your clients live more abundantly, effectively and experiencing greater fruit in life. You may ask, why must I go through the processes if I’m the coach? Because to be a great coach, you must begin with immersing yourself in the same process and taking the time to understand you, your life, and your own life experiences so that the work you do with others is both authentic and life-giving.


Through the Certified Growth Coach Certification, you will study:​​

  • Understanding Values

  • Values:  The Context of Life 

  • Destiny & Design 

  • No Longer Clueless

  • Withstanding the Process of Purpose

  • Unpacking Convergence Diagram

  • Destroying the Compromises of My Dreams 

  • Identifying Dream-busters 

  • 90-Minutes to Fulfill Your Dreams

  • Unlocking A Dream, Wheel Balance, S.M.A.R.T. Goals

  • The Power of Reflection 

  • Write a Life Purpose Statement & Your Life Missions Target

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