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Become An Affiliate

Become An Affiliate

Starting your own Bible Institute will be simple using the step-by-step guidelines that we provide.


Program Overview

  1. The CBC Affiliate Program will allow your church or ministry to operate as an affiliate of City Bible College Inc. under our umbrella.  Each location will operate as an affiliate school and is free to choose its own name.

  2. City Bible College Inc. will provide administrative and operations support.

  3. We will provide access to the curriculum offered for this program. Each site location is given permission to reproduce copies and is responsible for all printing if needed.  All those interested in information in reference to international extension colleges must contact us at:

  4. Each affiliate site will teach the courses, proctor all exams and tests as well as grade the work, keep academic records and provide direct correspondence with the students who are enrolled in their school.

  5. Students will be considered graduates of the affiliate school and all awards will be presented and conferred by the City Bible College Inc.

  6. Each affiliate will pay to City Bible College the one-time fee that was agreed upon in the affiliate non-disclosure agreement.

  7. We exercise no control over the affiliate school.  Each location is responsible for its own operating costs and expenditures.  We only provide the organizational materials and curriculum to enable you to fulfill your vision.


Benefits of Starting A Bible College

  • Attract new people to your church

  • Train church leaders

  • Educate your members

  • Refresh your own Biblical education

  • Increase awareness of your Church

  • Excellent source of additional revenue



Become A CBC Affiliate Today! 


Call us at 873-709-6275 or email us at 

Your theological journey start here.

Affiliation Fee (one-time payment) - $500.00

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