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City Bible College


Where Biblical Literacy and Life Purpose Converge 


Bachelor Of Arts (B.A.) Degree

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Degree in Biblical Studies
60-Credit Hours - Accredited

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Degree Christian Leadership
60-Credit Hours - Accredited


Have you ever struggled to understand Bible passages, or felt unprepared to help share the gospel message?  CBC’s  Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies and Bachelor of Arts in Christian Leadership are excellent degrees to help you gain the ministry skills and Biblical knowledge you need to guide, teach and impart information to students, congregations, and ministry leaders.

Whether you are in ministry and want more formal training, or you want to prepare yourself to enter ministry for the first time, CBC’s Bachelors Programs will teach you how to correctly read, interpret, and apply the Bible in your personal life and your ministry.

CBC fulfills our mission to Prepare Men and Women for Ministry by training ministry professionals to share the gospel and make an impact for Christ. Whether you want to take your career worldwide or serve in your local church, you can be confident that our Bachelor's Programs can equip you with the necessary in-demand skills to set you up for success.


Through the B.A. degree in Biblical Studies, you will study:​​

  • ​Chemistry of the Blood

  • Chemistry of God's Anointing

Click here for a full course breakdown.

Chemistry of God Anointing Book Cover.jpg
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Through the B.A. degree in Christian Leadership, you will study:​​

  • ​Understanding Essential Organizational Pillars

  • The Laws of Leadership

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