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City Bible College


Where Biblical Literacy and Life Purpose Converge 


City Bible College, a beacon of commitment to religious education, takes immense pride in its journey from a humble ministerial training program to a flourishing institution shaping the future leaders of the Christian community and beyond. Driven by the vision of its Founder and chancellor, Dr. Kelvin McCree, the college's origins are traced back to an intensive ministers' training program conducted at the church under his leadership.


With Dr. McCree's move to Lakeland, Florida, the curriculum underwent transformative iterations, evolving into a more structured and formalized educational system. In 2013, this evolution materialized in the establishment of City Bible College, initially operating as the School of Purpose, Excellence, and Ministry, with an inaugural class of eight students.


This foundational period marked the inception of City Bible College's mission to provide quality religious education. The curriculum, meticulously designed, set the stage for what the institution represents today. The year 2015 witnessed the initiation of the accreditation process, a significant step towards formal recognition and excellence.


By 2016, the culmination of efforts and dedication led to the official renaming of the institution to City Bible College, Inc., accompanied by the prestigious approval from the Florida State Board of Education. This recognition solidified its status as an esteemed religious higher education institution.


Fast forward to the present day, and City Bible College stands tall as a fully approved institution, symbolizing the culmination of a transformative journey. With campuses spanning across Pennsylvania, Arizona, Florida, and even reaching Montego Bay, Jamaica, the college continues to impact communities and lives, fostering a legacy deeply rooted in religious education and purposeful leadership.

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