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City Bible College

Where Biblical Literacy and Life Purpose Converge 


To develop Christ-centered men and women with the values, knowledge, and skills essential to impact the world.

  • Emphasize excellence in teaching and learning.

  • Foster college-level competencies in communication, critical thinking, and information literacy in all undergraduate programs.

  • Ensure competency in scholarship, research, and professional communication in all graduate programs and undergraduate programs where appropriate.

  • Promote the synthesis of academic knowledge and the Christian worldview in order that there might be a maturing of spiritual, intellectual, social and physical value-driven behavior.

  • Enable students to engage in a major field of study in career-focused disciplines built on a solid foundation in the liberal arts.

  • Promote an understanding of the Western tradition and the diverse elements of American cultural history, especially the importance of the individual in maintaining democratic and free market processes.

  • Contribute to a knowledge and understanding of other cultures and of international events.

  • Encourage a commitment to the Christian life, one of personal integrity, sensitivity to the needs of others, social responsibility and active communication of the Christian faith, and, as it is lived out, a life that leads people to Jesus Christ as the Lord of the universe and their own personal Savior.


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